The breakthrough was Dianetics again. By using Dianetics to prepare the way for Scientology, most ill effects of drugs could be erased, the reasons one began on them could be handled and then the upper technology of Scientology worked very fast.

     To give you some idea of the magnitude of the breakthrough, in 1950 some cases went 2,000 hours on Dianetics. In the 1969 development, 50 hours is a high number to a superior result. Also, in 1950, it took months to make a Dianetic Auditor. In the developments of 1969 this has been reduced to 21/2 weeks of full-time study for a bright fellow and not more than 3 months of part-time study for a rather slow student. The new STANDARD Dianetics, as it is called, handles all cases.

     Standard Dianetics uses an E-Meter and a standard text and is taught in a very standard way.

     It is interesting that the 1950 book, , now issued as a paperback edition for newsstands has again all by itself surged up once more to the bestseller list. It was this book which the head of all US prisons ordered all his wardens to read in 1950.

      Standard Dianetics is a full professional subject which has been realigned to make it invariably useful when exactly taught and used.

      It would be relatively easy to procure the full course, to study the Hubbard Dianetics Graduate study pack first, to get some meters and turn out Standard Dianetic Auditors with minimal help from the outside.

     This would put any determined group well up there on the road out and would certainly eradicate the past effects of drugs and make one a well and happy human being.

     Scientology would then be fully and broadly effective and results, a lot higher than they ever achieved in Tibet, would be easy.

     I would feel pretty bad if a lot of good guys had to live with the road blocked. And I don’t see any real reason why Standard Dianetics, so taught, wouldn’t be fully effective.

     Like anybody else, I have had my own share of slings and arrows over the years and I know what it is like.

     It isn’t all that easy to help one’s fellows and to be helped in return. But the end product is itself worth a lot of slings and arrows.

     The road out is the way up.

     I hope you make it.

     Best of luck.


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