As regards the final aspect of the Drug Rundown, the resolution of those factors precipitating usage, one must appreciate the user was invariably troubled prior to usage, or would never have turned to drugs in the first place. That trouble may have been physical, emotional, or any of the myriad of difficulties so commonly ascribed to the inadequacies of modern existence. But regardless, the problem of drug use is always preceded by a problem of living. Moreover, that problem must be resolved before one is actually free from the need and, frankly, it is only resolved through the Drug Rundown.

[Picture] 5C Finally, the Drug
Rundown addresses the
underlying impetus for
usage and the unpleasant
physical, emotional and
mental sensations linked
to it. In other words, the
final step of the rundown
addresses what was wrong
before drugs became the
solution or “cure.” If the
underlying cause of usage
is not resolved, the need
or compulsion remains.

Drugs, The Mind and the Human Spirit continued...

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