Addressing the drug experience, relieving attendant trauma and restimulation from drug-related memory—this, then, becomes the next step of the Drug Rundown. In purely technical terms, the Drug Rundown becomes the process of identifying accumulated mental charge from drug experience, inspecting that charge and exhausting it. Also addressed are drug-related attitudes, emotions, sensations, and pains—all likewise components of mental image pictures and capable of reactivation even decades after usage. Hence, the former user’s all too common complaints of psychosomatic ailments, perceptual impairment, emotional shut-off and failing cognitive skills. Hence, too, why many a former user will speak of a time when he felt himself brighter, healthier, more capable and alive.

[Picture] 5B The Drug Rundown,
then, handles the mental and
spiritual aspect of usage.
It first addresses experiences
while taking drugs with
precise procedures,
alleviating fixations from
those experiences. By
discovering and examining
the source of these sensations,
the harmful mental energy
is discharged.

Drugs, The Mind and the Human Spirit continued...

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