Drug use, even medicinal or recreational usage, tends to foster a severe disassociation from reality. (Witness the severely unreal vein through so much of what characterized psychedelic art.) The user is also routinely out of communication or out of touch, and otherwise all but dysfunctional. Then, too, and with some emphasis, Ron speaks of the user as not wholly “tracking” with the real time events and not perceiving what others perceive; for having sought escape from a seemingly unbearable present, he finds himself fixed in an illusory past. The matter is acute; it explains the very real parallels between usage and insanity, and so becomes the first point of address through the Drug Rundown. That is, through what is termed Objective Processing, the former user is reoriented to the present and relieved of obsessive fixation on drug-related memory. The Objective Process, however, does not address the underlying cause of fixation, which is to say we have not yet addressed the actual impact of drugs upon the human mind.

[Picture] 4 In essence, then, the
mental pictures are scrambled
in his mind to one degree or
another. Thus, his memory
and his ability to think are
both seriously impaired.

Drugs, The Mind and the Human Spirit continued...

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