The fundamentals are these: The central practice of Dianetics and Scientology is processing or auditing (from audire, to listen). It is delivered by an auditor, who employs an electropsychometer or E-Meter to measure one’s mental state or change of state, and so help pinpoint otherwise unseen sources of personal travail. Neither evaluative nor ambiguous, processing has nothing to do with psychology or psychotherapy. Rather, it is the means of better understanding oneself through precisely worded processes allowing one to discover his own basic truths. The whole is predicated upon the fact that we are potentially all-knowing and beneficent spiritual beings, and if only we might understand the source of our troubles, then we shall be troubled no more.

[Picture] 2 The user was suffering and
drugs became the solution for
unwanted feelings or conditions.

Drugs, The Mind and the Human Spirit continued...

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