I just wish that I would have come to Narconon ten years earlier than I did. Narconon helped me gain the self-respect and appreciation of life that I missed for so long. The feeling of not having to tell lie after lie is the feeling of true happiness for me.


     Sometimes it takes losing everything to see what you really have. And that’s exactly what happened to me as result of my heroin addiction. I’ve been clean now for a year and a half and have gotten back all that I lost including my ability to create, which is the most important thing to me in the world! I have been in many other rehabilitation programs. The Narconon program is the only program that really helped me save my life.


     I’ve never felt better in my life, and the reason for this feeling is the Narconon program I’ve just completed. My whole body feels different. I’m more alert and alive, I have no cravings for alcohol or drugs.


     The Narconon program has left me feeling great both physically and mentally. I feel more able at handling my environment. That’s great!


     Since the Narconon program I feel whole and complete again. All of my senses are heightened and my awareness is crystal clear again.


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