I have more self-respect because I know what I can do on my own without the false awareness drugs give. Now I’ve learned in a very practical way how to handle life’s problems and look them straight on without flinching. I’d like to thank L. Ron Hubbard for having made it possible for the technology that has helped me become more responsible for myself.


     I would like to make my recommendation of the Narconon technology of rehabilitation of substance abusers as being the method which has demonstrated the most permanent rehabilitation. I consider the founder of this method, L. Ron Hubbard, to have made a major contribution in the therapy of the substance abuser.

      M. Rosa Prieto Vazquez,

     Having had the opportunity to discuss and study the very unique aspects of the Narconon program, I sincerely believe that it has developed a comprehensive approach to the problem of addiction, which, if widely accepted, would represent the first substantial attack on this problem to be mounted in this country.

      Ronald V. Dellums

     For thirty years I have been walking around going from program to program thinking that I was fighting my drug problem. Now, after completing the Narconon program, for the first time in my life I am truly drug-free—in feelings, mentally and physically. I know I will never touch drugs again.


     The results I have achieved through the Narconon program have surpassed my wildest expectations. For the first time in twenty years I feel happy and in control of my life. I cannot express my gratitude in mere words or actions but I firmly believe this course and these people have saved my life. Thank you.


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