Many people manage to get off drugs for a short while, either through a rehabilitation program or on their own. Then a few months later, they are back using again.

     After completing the detoxification step of the Narconon program, I felt better, physically and emotionally, than I had for years. I just did not want more drugs in my body again.

     Drugs have become trendy in Hollywood. The actors and musicians are very creative and vital people. Unless the entertainment industry gets more serious about effective drug rehabilitation we are going to hear of a lot more celebrity deaths. I believe from both my own experience and all that I have seen, that Narconon could save many of these lives.

     What makes the Narconon program unique is that after you are finished you do not have to continue living a daily battle to stay sober. Drugs actually cease to be an issue in your life.


     I was a very heavy daily drinker. My life had become unbearable. I had been through two other programs to "cure" my craving. What was great about the Narconon detoxification program was that I was treated naturally with vitamins and a lot of individual care and concern. I was not given drugs to replace a drug problem that I already had. The longer I am sober the more I realize what a lifesaving decision I made.


     Narconon saved my life. For years, seventeen to be exact, I battled with drugs and alcohol. This program was the only one that showed me how to stay off drugs and how to live my life honestly, and work toward happiness.


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