For a while, I thought drugs were fun. But then they almost killed me the way they have so many other musicians. I did the Narconon program and it literally saved my life. I have lived drug-free for a number of years now and continue to reach new levels of creativity and satisfaction with life. Now it’s life that’s fun. I would have hated to have missed it.


     From this day on I will be all I can be in this world thanks to Narconon. The staff are very brave people here at Narconon. They are good people and without them and their kindness I would never have made it. I feel great today, and I will feel great tomorrow too, because I am a drug-free person.


     I came here beaten up by the use of drugs. I was at the point where I wanted to die, my attitude and perception of life was all screwed up. I am now a new person. This program has saved my life. I have had so many wins and realizations. I do know that I have the ability, the technology and the courage to lead a drug-free life. I would really encourage others to do this program and get the gains I have got.


     I was sure that the evil of drugs would never enter my home. But it did. The changes came slowly and I mistook them as typical teenage rebellion. My sorrow and despair upon discovering Josh’s severe drug addiction cannot be expressed. Narconon has saved Joshua’s life. The “real” Josh is back, full of fun, plans and dreams. I have my son back and for this I am grateful to God and Narconon.


     When I completed the Narconon program my mind was clear. While I am an older person, I feel like the new kid on the block. I feel great. I can’t express what these people have done for me. This is the best program in the world.


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