Scientific And Professional Appreciation (Part 1/2)


ith inevitable talk of L. Ron Hubbard’s purification and detoxification methods within the medical/scientific community, came the just as inevitable scientific appreciation. In the main, laboratory and clinical interest focused upon two aspects of the LRH discovery. First, of course, the environmental physician had not generally suspected drug residues to be stored in the body; while those who had, never suspected the adipose or fatty tissues and never imagined an effective means of flushing (which explains the emphasis on prevention, rather than treatment, through environmental medicine circles).

     In the end, however, one cannot argue with results. Presented here is but a sampling of statements on the sheer efficacy of LRH’s breakthroughs from those who tend to measure efficacy with meticulous care.

     “I have acted as medical consultant to the Narconon program for fifteen years. For the past decade I have studied the results obtained through the use of a detoxification method developed by L. Ron Hubbard, utilizing vitamins, sauna baths and exercise, which is a part of the Narconon program.

     “While this detox method is strenuous, it is easily and safely accomplished, after a medical checkup, when done under standard supervision by trained personnel. Narconon clients, with histories of moderate to extremely heavy substance abuse, show a marked improvement in alertness, clarity of thought and general health by undergoing this treatment. Most also report a substantial reduction in their craving for drugs or alcohol.

     “Published scientific studies of the technique have shown it to be successful in reducing the concentration in body tissues of a variety of toxins and contaminants, and I highly recommend its continuing use as an effective tool in the treatment of addictions.”

     “As a medical doctor who has examined many Narconon clients over the years, I have had a unique opportunity to observe the workability of this program. Several of these former clients have continued to see me as their personal physician, so I have been able to monitor their conditions over the years since the completion of their treatments.

     “I can state without reservation that the Narconon program offers the best chance of full recovery from those who have abused drugs or alcohol. The totally drug-free approach and use of sauna and nutritional supplements to detoxify the person from the tissue accumulation of drugs and toxins make the program unique in its field.”

     “Given the fact that more than twenty million Americans work with chemicals known to be toxic to the nervous system and other parts of the body, the potential benefits of detoxification techniques such as that developed by Hubbard are immense.

     “If, as the Hubbard regimen seems to indicate, chemical toxins can be removed safely and effectively from the body, then it may be possible to resolve the entire problem of human contamination and chemically related disease.”

     “The Hubbard method has become the only method of human detoxification in broad clinical use. Reports published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, and others, have shown it to be a safe and effective method of reducing body levels of common environmental contaminants and alleviating the symptoms associated with exposure to them.”

Scientific and Professional Appreciation continued...

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