[Picture]      On the Purification program it is the progressive increase of the niacin dosages that determines the proportionate increase of the other vitamins and minerals.

     Thus, what could slow down the Purification program and make it appear incomplete would be a nutritional failure—a failure to flank the niacin on either side by sufficient amounts of the other needed vitamins and minerals in proportion and a failure to provide food intake which included vegetables (with their vitamin and mineral content) and oil.

     In such a case one would be looking at created nutritional deficiencies—not conditions which were there, necessarily, at the outset of the program.

     Not knowing these things is possibly what made medics earlier believe that niacin itself had side effects. The side effects were probably somatics and manifestations of already existing deficiencies only half run out and deficiencies created by not flanking niacin with the other vitamins and minerals and oils necessary to permit a rebuild. [End of Text]

Taken in sufficient quantities niacin appears to break up and unleash LSD, marijuana and other drugs and poisons from the tissues and cells. It can rapidly release LSD crystals into the system and send a person who has taken LSD on a "trip."
(One fellow who had done the earlier Sweat Program for a period of months, and who believed he had no more LSD in his system, took 100 milligrams of niacin and promptly turned on a restimulation of a full-blown LSD experience.)

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