(Picture)      In theory, niacin apparently does not do anything by itself. It is simply interacting with niacin deficiencies which already exist in the cellular structure. It doesn’t turn on allergies; it appears to run out allergies. Evidently anything that niacin does is the result of running out and running through past deficiencies.

     Caution: The manifestations niacin produces can be quite horrifying. Some of the somatics and manifestations the person may turn on are not just somatics in lots of cases, in my experience. For example, I have seen a full-blown case of skin cancer turn on and run out on niacin dosages. So it appears that a person can turn on skin cancer with this and, if that should happen, the handling, by observable fact, has been to continue the niacin until the skin cancer has run out completely.

     Other lesser manifestations that may turn on with niacin are hives, flu symptoms, gastroenteritis, aching bones, upset stomach or a fearful or terrified condition. There seems to be no limit to the variety of phenomena that may occur with niacin. If the deficiency is there to be turned on by niacin it apparently will do so with niacin.

     The two vital facts here, proven by observation, are:

     1. When the niacin was carried on until these things discharged they did then vanish, as they will do. Sometimes people get timid about it and don’t finish the program, which leaves them hung up in a deficiency that is creating a particular illness or manifestation. This should not be allowed to happen.

     It is a matter of record that a reaction turned on by niacin will turn off where administration of niacin is continued.

     2. When the niacin dosage was increased and the whole lot of the rest of the vitamins being taken was also increased proportionately, the niacin itself, taken in large amounts, did not create a vitamin deficiency.

Niacin, the "Educated" Vitamin by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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