(Picture)      Taken in sufficient quantities niacin appears to break up and unleash LSD, marijuana and other drugs and poisons from the tissues and cells. It can rapidly release LSD crystals into the system and send a person who has taken LSD on a “trip.” (One fellow who had done the earlier Sweat Program for a period of months, and who believed he had no more LSD in his system, took 100 milligrams of niacin and promptly turned on a restimulation of a full-blown LSD experience.)

     Running and sweating must be done in conjunction with taking niacin to ensure the toxic substances it releases actually do get flushed out of the body.

     Recently, doctors in megavitamin research have been administering niacin to get people through withdrawal symptoms or get them over bad drug kicks. They have been using enormous doses of, for example, 5,000 mg. of niacin.

     I have no personal knowledge that such enormous doses are necessary for handling drugs, though they well may be in some cases. It is very possible that, given the combination of all the points on the Purification program, many people would be able to handle drugs with lesser amounts of niacin, something under 5,000 mg.

Niacin, the "Educated" Vitamin by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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