[Picture]      But the interesting part of it is that it comes to a point where it doesn’t turn on a flush. This doesn’t happen by conditioning of the body; that is not what occurs. It runs something out.

     What does it run out? We knew, from 1950, that it ran out sunburn, which is a radiation burn. And in 1956 the symptoms those on the research program were experiencing—the nausea, vomiting, skin irritations, colitis and nasal disturbances which accompany radiation sickness—were also discharging with the administration of niacin.

     Niacin in 1956 was no longer just running out sunburn. It was running out something which exactly paralleled radiation sickness.

     Niacin, then, apparently seems to have a catalytic effect on running out radiation exposure. It seems to give it a kick and run it through.

     It will often cause a very hot flush and prickly, itchy skin, which can last up to an hour or longer. It may also bring on chills or make one feel tired.

     Medical thinking has been that niacin itself turned on a flush. Something called “niacinamide” was then invented to keep from turning on this flush. Niacin all by itself does not turn on any flush. What it starts to do is immediately run out sunburn or radiation. So the niacinamide that was invented to prevent this flush is worthless (at least for use on the Purification program).

     On the Purification program, because quantities of niacin are taken and because of the heat of the sauna, it is possible that it can have the effect of discharging a certain amount, possibly not all, of the accumulated radiation in people.

Niacin, the "Educated" Vitamin by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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