Such mental image pictures can be reactivated by drug residuals, as the presence of these drugs in the tissues of the body can simulate the earlier drug experiences. This is known as restimulation: the reactivation of a past memory due to similar circumstances in the present approximating circumstances of the past.

      Using the above example of the person who took LSD, sometime later—perhaps years afterward—the residuals of the drug that are still in his body tissues can cause a restimulation of that LSD incident. The mental image pictures are reactivated, and he experiences the same sensations of nausea, dizziness and tiredness, and he feels sad. He does not know why. He might also perceive mental images of the persons he was with and the accompanying sights and sounds and smells.

     Therefore, on the Purification program we are looking at two things: one, the actual drugs and toxic residuals in the body (and medical autopsies have shown that they are there); and two, the mental image pictures of the drugs and the mental image pictures of one’s experiences with these drugs.

     These two factors are hung up—one playing against the other, in perfect balance. What the person is feeling is the two conditions, one of them the actual presence of the drug residuals, the other the mental image pictures relating to them.

     Probably the reason why the Purification program works is that it handles the one side of it—the accumulated toxic residuals—and thus fixes the person up so that the other side, the mental image picture side of it, is no longer in constant restimulation. It is as simple as that.

     What, among other things, is happening on the Purification program is that you cause an upset of this perfect balance. Suddenly the balance isn’t there anymore so you don’t get the cross reaction anymore. The harmful and restimulative chemical residues have been flushed out—they’re gone. This does not mean the mental image pictures are gone. But they are no longer in restimulation and they’re not being reinforced by the presence of drug residuals.

     By breaking up the balance of these two and handling the one side of it on the Purification program we are restoring the person to better physical health and freeing him up as well for mental and spiritual gain.


The Purification Program by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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