In the mid-1980s a woman began visiting her physician complaining of chemical exposure. Among her complaints were a constant feeling of tiredness, skin problems, and generally “feeling terrible all the time.” She said she was exposed to toxic chemicals during her employment at an electronics manufacturing company. Each night she cleaned filters in a system designed to entrap soot and other particles. She washed them with already contaminated water which she described as blackish and oily.

     After several interviews with medical experts, an occupational health specialist suggested she undergo L. Ron Hubbard’s Purification program. She decided to do so.

     Four days into the program she reported “black junk” coming from her pores that resembled water she used at work. This was noted on the arms, neck and face. The outpouring of this black, oily material continued throughout the program though in lesser and lesser amounts until she was done.

     Her physician, a diplomate in occupational medicine and a medical doctor for over twenty years, who also holds a Master of Public Health degree, reported his observations which included the following:

     “I saw her for a post-treatment evaluation. Subjectively, she was feeling fine . . . She noted specifically a great increase in her energy level, felt that her eyesight was much improved, that her skin had cleared considerably, including improvement in the gum problems that she had noted, hair less oily, and other subjective improvements such as better outlook on life, decrease in the lymph gland swellings, and a general improvement in her feeling of well-being . . .

     “In summary, [this patient] has had a very successful response to the Hubbard program of detoxification. She feels well and is ready to return to full employment of any type which she can find.

     “I am convinced that the Hubbard program of detoxification is the only mechanism now available to rid the body of fat-soluble toxic substances.”

The Purification Program by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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