There is a warning which should be stressed in any description of this program. That is, simple and familiar as the outlined actions may appear:

     They must be followed exactly for the best possible results.

     Because of the technical nature of the program, and because it is a strenuous program it must only be undertaken after a physical examination and written approval from an advised medical doctor.

     Anyone with a weak heart or who is anemic or who suffers from certain kidney conditions, for example, should not do this program but would require a similar but special program of a milder nature.

     Additionally, while doing the program people have reported re-experiencing various effects of past drugs, medicine, alcohol or other stimulants or sedatives—including full-blown drug “trips.” For this reason, and for its success on any individual, it is best done under the close supervision of persons trained and experienced in its administration.

      Also, even with this tight supervision, one does not do the actions by himself but always carries these out accompanied by a partner.

Purification Success continued...

The Purification Program by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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