Elements of the Purification Program
     The Purification program is a precisely designed regimen. It includes the following elements:

[Picture]      One’s regular diet which is then supplemented with plenty of fresh vegetables which are not overcooked.

     An exact regimen of vitamin, mineral and oil intake.

     Sufficient liquids to offset the loss of body fluids through sweating.

     A properly ordered personal schedule which provides the person with the normally required amount of sleep.

     These are not unfamiliar actions to the majority of us.

     How then can they accomplish what they apparently do? Why this particular set of actions? How is it that these elements, combined, might accomplish what no one of them apparently, singly or even in other combinations, has accomplished heretofore?

     While the procedures to be followed are not unusual, the answers to these questions lie in the very exact combination of the elements which make up the program, in the properties of the nutrients used in specific increments and in the increased proportions of these in exact ratio to each other, as laid out in detail in the book Clear Body, Clear Mind.

The Purification Program by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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