[Picture] Discovery of Other Embedded Toxins
     Using data and proven theories from earlier researches over the years, development was begun of a more comprehensive program, broader nutritionally and more streamlined.

     From its earliest application another factor emerged which tended to support the theories upon which this new program was based: persons on the research program were reporting the apparent exudation of substances other than just street drugs—substances smelling or tasting or feeling like medicines, anesthetics, diet pills, food preservatives, pesticides and any number of other chemical preparations in common use!

     The list included not only LSD, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and “angel dust,” but many other biochemical substances—medicinal and pharmaceutical drugs such as aspirin and codeine, as well as commercial and agricultural and industrial chemicals.

      These same persons were also experiencing, in mild form, some of the sensations of old sunburns, past illnesses and injuries and other past conditions, both physical and emotional.

      Thus it seems that residues of any or all of these hostile biochemical substances apparently have the potential of remaining in the system, getting caught up in the tissues and remaining there, unsuspected, even after they have supposedly been eliminated from the body years earlier.

     Their accumulation, unhandled, probably disarranges the biochemistry and fluid balance of the body.

     This was my early thinking on the subject. It was now being borne out by further research, as more and more manifestations occurred. (It has also since been borne out by clinical tests and by medical autopsies which have found deposits of certain drugs embedded in body tissues.)

     With the ongoing research, all indicators were that these substances were being flushed out as people progressed on the program. And these same individuals were reporting that they felt a new vigor, a renewed vitality and interest in life. With a large number of people coming successfully through the regimen the research was completed.

     The Purification program was released.

Purification Success continued...

The Purification Program by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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