[Picture]      Recent research has been done into a naturally occurring radioactive gas known as radon. It is a product of the decay of another radioactive element, radium, which has been found to be present in minute amounts in the ground and in many building materials such as concrete, brick and gravel. Apparently, tiny amounts of radon gas can escape from the surfaces of such materials and thus be present in the air and inhaled. If ventilation is not provided for, the radon content of the air in a building can reportedly reach 50 to 100 times the level found outdoors.

     These factors are all part of the biochemical problem.

     Any of these substances reportedly has the potential of remaining in the system.

     This compounds the biochemical problem and presents a barrier of magnitude.

     The most likely place for a toxic substance to lock up is in the fatty tissue. It has been said that in middle age and past middle age, a body’s ability to break down fat lessens. So here we have, apparently, a situation of toxic substances locked up in fatty tissue and the fatty tissue is not actually getting broken down, and so such toxic substances could accumulate.

     My interest in these somewhat brutal truths was not born only of an objective to resolve the physical ills of individuals. Rather, it was a continuation of my initial research involving the freeing of man as a spirit and handling, on this route, any barriers needing to be resolved.

     The Purification program is a proffered answer to the barrier we call the biochemical problem. It could be called a “long-range detoxification program.” While it is addressed primarily to the handling of drug residues lodged in the body, it is possible that there are many toxic substances which the body accumulates which the program may accelerate getting rid of.

The Purification Program by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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