Prior to the Purification program something was wrong. Objectively, I was acting analytically but from time to time subjectively I would experience psychosis and neurosis in specific areas of my life which tended to hamper me as a being. I am an ex-Marine who had fought in the Vietnam War from 1968 to 1969.

     Besides the constant fighting, I also was exposed to deadly poisonous gases and toxins, especially Agent Orange and some sort of nerve gas, while in the service and in the Vietnam War. Through the Purification program these toxins were fully flushed out. They had actually prevented me from thinking straight and logically; inhibited my perceptions and control of my body. Boy, was I ever in for a surprise during the program and after completion!

     I had considered my environment dangerous—I mean really dangerous, as it was in the jungles of South Vietnam. But would you believe that I was still “in” South Vietnam though I left it in 1969? I was fully brought out of it as well as oriented to my present environment by the Purification program.

     It really undercut everything. I mean, these were such very simple actions to do but powerful insofar as the results and gains I had. Both objectively and subjectively, the Purification program has changed my life, my physical well-being and my attitude towards a much better existence of survival. I no longer have to look over my shoulder for “the enemy’’ (which wasn’t there) or walk carefully through any grassy areas (looking for land mines which don’t exist) so that I can live another day.

     It has opened a door for me—a door through which I can experience life. My physical being is much better insofar as its coloration and pigment. Many other people have commented on how healthy I look. I feel healthy and I am aware that I am in control of my body which had been hampered prior to the Purification program by those toxins, especially Agent Orange. As a Vietnam vet, I can say that life is definitely worthwhile to experience and create. There is hope for those Vietnam vets who are still in the Vietnam War syndrome after being out of the war.


The Purification Program by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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