[Picture]      Food, Food Additives and Preservatives: There are substances added to some commercially processed foods that are meant to “enhance” color or flavor or, as mentioned above, to keep the food from spoiling. Also becoming more common are various artificial sweeteners used in “diet” soft drinks and other commercially packaged foods. From research on these “enhancers” and “preservers,” it appears that a number of them are quite toxic, and the whole subject of food additives and preservatives has become a matter of concern to many people.

      There is another side to this matter of food. Research findings point to the possibility that rancid oils are a health hazard of a magnitude not previously suspected. Oils used in cooking or commercial processing of foods, where they are not fresh, pure and free of rancidity, have been linked by researchers with digestive and muscular ills, and even cancer.

     Perfumes and Fragrances: Use of perfumes and fragrances in all sorts of products has become more and more prevalent in recent years. Everything from clothing to laundry detergent, from cellophane tape to wrapping paper is turning up with fragrance added to it. And that fragrance is almost always a cheap chemical derivative, an extract of coal tar which probably costs about 10 cents a fifty-gallon drum. Findings seem to bear out that these chemicals, floating about in the local supermarket as “fragrances,” are actually toxic and can end up in the food products sold there. And when you get a mouthful of this stuff it is no aid to digestion, believe me!

     Radiation: You’ve no doubt seen in news publications that contact with radiation can occur through exposure to nuclear weapons tests or the radioactive particles they can release into the atmosphere, nuclear wastes, or to some manufacturing processes which use radioactive materials. There are other sources of radiation exposure, too: prolonged exposure to the sun, dental and medical x-rays, television sets and unshielded computer display screens are among them.

Purification Success continued...

The Purification Program by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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