I stopped taking drugs five years ago.

     However, every so often I would start feeling depressed for no apparent reason. I still found it difficult to keep my attention on what I was doing. I had problems, sometimes, in communicating my feelings to others.

     I found myself periodically becoming very introverted, sometimes with disastrous results in my work. So despite the marked improvement in my life overall I was still suffering from many of the manifestations of someone on drugs, although I had stopped using them. At this point, L. Ron Hubbard released the Purification program. Within a few weeks I started it.

     While I was on the program I experienced many sensations such as nausea, headaches and dizziness. I recalled that many of these sensations were the exact ones that occurred while taking drugs, including medical drugs.

     During the first few days of the program I became really ill and actually wanted to stop and go to bed. I was convinced I was physically ill. This went on for three days and I just stuck it out—the best thing to do when a drug is coming out of the system while on the program. I recalled a time when I was very ill as a child and had the same symptoms. Shortly after this, the symptoms decreased and within a few hours were completely gone.

     I found it easier to get up in the morning. I lost weight, my body was really getting into good shape and generally I felt happier, more alert and competent. I was becoming a better wife and mother. I was even beginning to like myself more.

     I continued with the program and thereafter experienced an increased sense of physical well-being. All the mental and emotional manifestations of drugs plus various inabilities in handling life had vanished.

     I felt clean, healthy, alert, full of energy and goodwill. At this point I knew I had completed the program—all the drugs were gone. I now handle my job easily and with great enjoyment.

     Life is a challenge I enjoy meeting and I am winning at it.


     I recently completed the Purification program. Before doing the program I had been on diets, done exercise programs and fasted in an effort to cleanse my body of the toxins and impurities. But on all these programs, the residual deposits of drugs in the body were never addressed and so I continued to be affected by them. For instance, I’d go running and jog loose some residual effects of sodium pentothal from a previous tooth extraction and I’d feel faint for a few seconds at a time intermittently over the next few weeks. On the Purification program my circulation improved greatly and I sweated out all residual drug deposits. The proof of this to me is how I feel now. None of the previous “side effects” of drugs occur anymore when I exercise and am heavily active! I feel really healthy!


The Purification Program by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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