[Picture] Medical and Psychiatric Drugs
     Medical and most particularly psychiatric drugs (Valium, Librium and LSD to name but a few) can be every bit as damaging as street drugs. The prevalence of these currently in common use would be quite amazing to one unfamiliar with the problem.

     Phenobarbital (under various brand names like Luminal and Nembutal) and other such drugs are often administered as though they were a panacea for all ills. As early as 1951 many persons had become so accustomed to their daily dosage of sleeping pills or painkillers that they did not consider their little pills as drugs. More recently the drug Valium has taken its place among the tranquilizers so frequently employed. But this by no means completes the list.

     Too often the attitude is “If I can’t find the cause of the pain, at least I’ll deaden it.” In the case of one mentally ill, this might read, “If he can’t be made rational, at least he can be made quiet.”

     Unfortunately, it is not recognized that a person whose pain has been deadened by a sedative has himself been deadened by the same drug, and is much nearer the ultimate pain of death. It should be obvious that the quietest people in the world are the dead.

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